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River City Condominiums

River City Condominiums planning 3 phases to transition Don Valley South End into a lively neighborhood.
Toronto Downtown Don Valley Park River City Condos

Occupancy target for Phase 2 of River City Condominiums is the summer of 2015, RC3 will follow.

Toronto Downtown Don Valley Park Green Spaces being rebuilt
Toronto Downtown Don Valley Park River City Condos
Toronto Downtown Don Valley Park River City Phase 2 condo

The unused space at intersection of Lakeshore Boulevard and Don Valley Parkway is being redeveloped by Waterfront Toronto. You can read more about this project and all other Waterfront projects at their website. There are also more pictures and videos .

VIP opportunities at River City Phase 2 and Phase 3 Condominiums. Contact me if you would like more information or a site visit...

1,800 kms of Trails
"Extensive parkland isn't just limited to the area outside your front door. From Corktown Common you can connect directly to over 1,800 kms of pathways and trails that track the meandering Don River north past the Brick Works all the way to Sunnybrook Hospital; the Martin Goodman Trail west past downtown to the western edge of the GTA; and the Lower Don Trail east past beautiful parks and gardens all the way to the Beach. River City is right at the centre."

The rebirth of a neighborhood
"Like the west end only ten short years ago, Toronto's lower east side is poised for incredible regeneration and growth. And as one of the largest redevelopment schemes in the area (and certainly the most design focused), River City leads the way. It is where Toronto's film, design and creative industries butt up against the city's financial and business centre. Where the city's historic and industrial past meet its creative and financial future."

"This fresh, intelligent project will raise the bar of architectural excellence for innovative multi-family residential work in Toronto." -- John Bentley Mays, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

"...The structures and green spaces in River City add up to thoughtful city-building at a high level, and provide a testament to Waterfront Toronto's careful oversight of the land in its keeping... more...

River City Condominium project's brochure can be downloaded here... (11 MB)